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Launched in 2008, BrandVerity provides services that detect online brand and trademark abuse. Over the years, the technology investments made by infringers have drastically outpaced the investments by brand owners. BrandVerity’s sophisticated trademark protection solution provides a dependable resolution to this problem for Webgains clients via two key elements:

The PoachMark service detects affiliate abuse of paid search policies. The service captures some of the most sophisticated techniques employed by trademark poachers and delivers warnings where fraudulent activity is detected.

The Affiliate Watchlist grew as a result of the community policing efforts in the PoachMark Pool. The Affiliate Watchlist contains a continually updated list of affiliate abusers, and the IDs and websites they utilise.

Easy Content Units

Easy Content Units is a resource which allows affiliates to easily create content units for their site complete with their own Webgains tracking code. Units can be populated with a selection of products based on a keyword, merchant, brand or category. Alternatively, search based units can be created which are ideal for price comparison purposes.

Content units are based on merchants’ product feeds and provide publishers with a hassle free means of utilising these high converting links. Easy Content Units is free for affiliates to use, with the usual revenue split waived on traffic for Webgains merchants.


As specialists in call monetisation technologies, Freespee’s background is in providing virtual phone numbers that can be used in different online and mobile services. They have since moved into tracking calls, identifying the call source and duration, and have rolled out their solution to a number of clients including classifieds as well as the performance marketing sector.

Webgains’ partnership with Freespee allows us to track and reward affiliate referrals which convert via a call centre or sales line. This extended tracking coverage allows merchants to ensure they are taking advantage of every conversion channel possible, while eliminating the risk of ‘leakage’ for affiliates.

The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB)

The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) is the trade association for online advertising. With over 380 members, it’s run for the leading media owners and agencies in the UK internet industry. Online is an exciting and fast-growing medium and the job of the IAB is to work with members to ensure marketers can identify the best role for online, helping them engage their customers and build their brands. Through the dissemination of research and the organisation of regular events, they aim to put online on the agenda of every marketer in the UK, acting as an authoritative and objective source for all internet advertising issues whilst promoting industry-wide best practice.

The IAB champion affiliate marketing by running the Affiliate Marketing Council (AMC) monthly and have produced a handbook.


Pulsant’s purpose-built data centres are 100% independently owned and operated, meaning there’s no better, safer, or more reliable hosting environment. Webgains utilises a bespoke hosting solution from Pulsant which employs full coverage via an international network along with 24×7 support services, security, monitoring and management.

Data can be a company’s most important resource so a secure online storage solution that’s flexible and protects data integrity is needed.

Based on the sophisticated Attix5 platform, the cloud-based backup+ solution and dedicated SAN and NAS provisions are all tailored to specific needs. All Webgains services are securely backed up daily both on and off site.

10G IP connectivity is provided between each data centre and out to the internet across multiple Tier 1 providers with dedicated fibre wavelengths provided where required. To ensure reliable connectivity for all users, Pulsant utilise EFM, Metro Ethernet, ADSL (both private and public), Point to Point connections, and Managed MPLS.

The foundation of security begins with high security data centres and monitored secure networks. These are coupled with powerful, industry-recognised security tools and techniques. To ensure solutions remain robust, Pulsant also offer a number of additional security services.

Network security is vital to the integrity and success of an organisation. Pulsant understand the specific requirements which come with the use of multi-site, high availability solutions.

Industry leading solutions from multiple partners are used to provide a comprehensive spectrum of security services including Managed Firewall. The Managed Firewall service keeps networks and applications safe from unwanted intrusions and provides wirespeed network security for both internal networks and hosted infrastructure.