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30th August

Harnessing the Power of Mobile Device Data

With Webgains having implemented the most comprehensive device reporting in the industry, Webgains’ Head of Product Seth Rubin discusses why such reporting is important and how publishers can put this data to use. read more

8th March

Performance Marketing: a beginner’s guide

Performance marketing is becoming an indispensable part of many brands’ online strategies but how do you know if you’re doing it right? read more

22nd February

Affiliate marketing – What it is, how does it work and what can it achieve?

Harnessing a network of selected affiliates typically increases online sales by up to 30% and there are an army of affiliates wanting to sell your products. read more

29th October

Making performance marketing perform. With or without cookies.

Since the EU ePrivacy Directive was passed earlier this year, how best to track conversions has been a hot topic amongst performance marketers. read more

14th November

Channel attribution isn’t great for Affiliates (NMA)

It’s interesting and not unexpected to see large brands like as Virgin Atlantic exploring multi-channel attribution as a viable means of evaluating and rewarding marketing streams…
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14th November

Theories of Evolution (NMA)

As brands use attribution models to reward sales generation, affiliates could be facing big changes to the way they operate. Industry heads discuss how they see the sector developing….
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14th November

Special Report – Affiliate Marketing (Brand Republic)

Affiliate marketing has grown up. It might sound like a strange statement to make, but over the last 12 months the industry has changed considerably and many large brands have come to view their affiliate programmes as…
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