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2nd April

Webgains Publisher Studio launches this week

This week sees the launch of Webgains’ brand new publisher interface with a new dashboard, enhanced reporting and more.

The Webgains Publisher Studio launches this week, offering publishers a whole host of functionality. read more

27th April

Migrating your affiliate program from GAN

Webgains Red Cross initiative

Over 50 Google advertisers are already on Webgains and with good reason. Webgains has performed hundreds of affiliate program migrations and we are the experts at customer service and affiliate program delivery. The reason why we are successful at this is because we care. When clients choose Webgains as their affiliate marketing provider, it’s the biggest compliment we could ever receive from an advertiser. We know how important your business is and how affiliate marketing plays an essential role in all your online marketing disciplines. Rest assured, you are in safe hands with Webgains.

When migrating an affiliate program, you need to consider a lot of issues and tasks at hand. Here are a few basic guidelines that we will execute on your behalf to help you make this an easy and seamless transition:

  • Introduce you to our award winning account management team
  • Review and set up your Webgains affiliate program that will encourage sales growth
  • Create a list of current active publishers
  • Create a list of current inactive publishers
  • Audit of current business - delineate vital delivery countries, commission rates, exclusive vouchers, select PPC terms, datafeeds, creative, landing pages, and much more…
  • Set up additional affiliate programs in critical delivery countries to ensure sales growth
  • Cross Reference list to see which pubs are already joined to Webgains, which are not joined if any.
  • Create a migration incentive for current active publishers
  • Plan and execute email communications to publisher
  • One on one, phone, email and IM outreach to publishers. In some cases, regular face to face meetings.
  • Introduce you to key publishers not on your existing program
  • Introduce hundreds of thousands new publishers to your program
  • Let you sit back and watch your sales grow while we do the hard work

We will report back to you on our progress throughout the transition and beyond. Our team will work tirelessly to ensure that every publisher has not only moved their business to your Webgains affiliate marketing program but also increased their promotional efforts.

Advertisers can contact our sales team on +1 (212) 391 7317

Publishers can contact our support team on +1 (212) 391 7315

3rd January

Zack Allen, Relationship Manager, Coupon Refund

“We highly value our business with Webgains. From onset we have been fully supported at every step by their cordial and competent account managers along with their state of art technology which makes everything work like clock work. They are truly great relationship great business oriented affiliate network.”

22nd November

Help those affected by Hurricane Sandy!

Webgains Red Cross initiative

The Webgains USA team are very fortunate to all be safe and well after Hurricane Sandy. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for some Americans that have lost the lives and millions of others that have been displaced or lost their homes and property. All Webgains US employees still continue to help our friends and neighbors in our local neighborhoods. We see the devastation left from Hurricane Sandy in our home towns every day. So… now that we have regrouped, we can and will do more. We hope you will join us in an initiative to collect donations for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

We have partnered with Red Cross and will be donating 100% Webgains USA profits made on the 28th November to help Hurricane Sandy victims. We are inviting all our clients; affiliates, agencies and merchants to donate a percentage of their earnings made through Webgains USA on this day. All you need to do is contact us and tell us what percentage of your earnings you want us to donate on your behalf. No amount is too little.

You can donate directly to Red Cross here or contact today to pledge your support via Webgains to the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Finally, on behalf of the Webgains US team, I would like to thank all of our clients that have been kind and patient with us in the days following the storm.

Ryan Gilbert
Webgains USA

2nd October

Affiliate Team, LightInTheBox

“We have been with a number of affiliate networks over the past years and there is one company that we strongly recommend for great value, reliability and support: Webgains.

It is not only about their great technologies and resources. What’s more important, is their good service! Webgains account managers are of great help to LightInTheBox programs. They are quick to respond, knowledgeable and professional. Not only they are capable of collecting promotion opportunity from publishers and seeking potential market on world wide rang, from time to time, they are also exerting positive influence to our affiliate team with their professional and passionate working spirit.

The value they contribute to the LightInTheBox is impressive based on the sales performance of our affiliate program. Under their constant efforts, our MinInTheBox MINI-US program shows a dramatic sales boost by 431%. A couple of new programs we just started on Webgains are brought up so quickly with their help.

LightInTheBox Affiliate Team”

2nd October

Suzanne Rosenberry, Affiliate Manager, Quality Smith

“Webgains is a great company to work with. The knowledgeable and professional support staff are always suggesting new customized ideas and are quick to help out with anything that comes up. The interface is very user friendly with many easy reporting options available. If you want to grow your business and see great results I highly recommend partnering with Webgains.”

13th July

Webgains helps and grow

Background is the leading Asian Entertainment online retailer. The website sells Chinese, Japanese and Korean products including music CDs, videos, books and games. receives 2.5 million unique visitors per month. is the first online retailer in Asia to globally distribute a wide range of fashion and lifestyle products from the region. read more

13th July

Rami Nseir, SE Marketing Consultant,

“We are an agency that run several programs for merchants and have had experience with both the large and small networks. From day one, I was very impressed with Webgains. They are purely focused on delivering results and making sure your campaign is working properly before launching to their affiliates.
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10th July

European Affiliate Landscape Report 2012

A4u & Webgains are proud to produce the second Annual European Affiliate Landscape Report. This FREE download is the result of 6 weeks of surveying 900 affiliates over 40 countries. This report highlights the key issues, trends and comparisons on Affiliate markets across Europe.
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2nd July

Angela Brotherton, Director, Fun Mum Ltd

“Since going live with the Webgains Affiliate Programme only weeks ago I have been amazed with the results! I wasn’t sure what to expect but wasn’t expecting sales from the very start. The cost of sale is much lower than any other means of marketing currently used and I have great expectations for the coming months.”