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At Webgains we constantly strive to better the services that we provide. Within that development process, the protection of data of all kinds is one of the key considerations. This Privacy Policy Document lays out the key elements of how we collect, store and transfer personal data. Webgains is registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 and conforms to the eight principles of good practice.

What personally identifiable information is collected by Webgains
Webgains collects and holds personal data (e.g. name, address, telephone number etc) of every person who has successfully registered on the website as an affiliate or a merchant. In addition, Webgains may collect contact details given by you in order for us to supply you with more information. Webgains does not collect information about you unless you specifically provide it to us. As a necessary condition of registration, you consent to Webgains collecting and holding such information to allow us to fulfill our obligations to you. We do not rent or sell your personally identifiable information to other companies or individuals, unless we have your consent.

How do we use this information?
Webgains will only use the information that you have provided to us for the reason that you have provided the information. Hence, if you provide us with your CV during the process of applying for a job with Webgains, we will only use that information within the context of assessing your suitability for that particular job.

With the exception of statutory requests, should any material changes be made to the way in which we use that information, Webgains will notify you by email of that change at least 14 days before the change of use.

Where and how is this information stored?
The Webgains systems are designed and built with data protection as one of the key considerations. Consequently, our data is stored on our web server in a secure data centre in the United Kingdom and is not accessible by any other person or system. In addition, Webgains employees access your data on a need to know basis. Every Webgains employee has been suitably briefed on what constitutes the acceptable treatment of personal data.

What about tracking information?
Webgains also collects web use and transactional data relating to the affiliate marketing programs which form the basis of our business. This information is collected, transferred and stored on secure servers in a secure data centre in the United Kingdom, and is not accessible by any unauthorized person or system. IP addresses are not stored for longer than 24 hours, and are temporarily used to determine domain type and in some cases, geographic region. We do not make any association between this information and a visitor’s identity.

There is also the option to have your transactional data transferred via an encrypted link should you so desire. Please contact for more information.

Webgains places a cookie on the consumers computer. A “cookie” is a small file containing a string of characters that is sent to your computer when you visit a website. This cookie is able to be read by our systems and contains numeric reference information only. This is not personal information under the definition contained in the Data Protection Act 1998. Cookies expire at the end of a definite lifetime and are destroyed.

In addition, anonymous information is collected for every visitor to this site. This information is used to determine site statistics, trends etc and is used in an aggregated format. This includes pages viewed, date and time, and browser type. We do not make any association between this information and a visitor’s identity.

What about email data?
We use email links on this website to allow you to communicate easily with us. When we reply to your email it is only for the express purposes that you have contacted us.

What about other links on this site?
This site contains links to other websites. Please note that when you click on one of these links, you will be transported to another website outside of Webgains control. Webgains cannot accept any liability for any data collected on sites not under our control.

Can I ask for a copy of my data?
Yes. Please send an email to , or a stamped self-addressed envelope with a covering letter to Webgains Ltd, 3rd Floor Buchanan House, 30 Holborn London EC1N 2HS